Current Opportunities

I'm looking to work with an Assistant Producer

I am looking for an enthusiastic, energetic and adventurous individual to work with me as Assistant Producer from May - July 2021, ideally the individual should be London-based. This is made possible thanks to a very generous donation. There’s currently a £1000 fee in total, it will be around 1 day a week on a rate of £100 per day. You will be a self-employed freelancer responsible for your own tax & NI. 

I do very much hope we’ll click and I’ll find ways to extend this, subject to successful fundraising.

Who am I? And who might you be? 

Hopefully you’ll have read bits about me from this website, but to summarise, I’m just over 2 years into my producing career, having started as Resident Assistant Producer for Theatre503 in early 2019. I have always produced alongside other administrative/producer-type jobs within the sector (apart from a period of unemployment during COVID-19 where I turned this “hustle” full-time), I was previously Box Office Deputy Manager for Pleasance; Development & Marketing Assistant for The Coronet Theatre, more recently Administrator for Spun Glass Theatre and Trainee Producer for Arch468. 


I am currently General Manager for Creative Youth and Associate Producer for The Bread and Roses Theatre. 


Many ask me, what are you interested in? What excites you as a Producer? I actually don’t really know, I’m still on a journey of finding my taste, I’m constantly keeping an eye out and if something jumps out to me, I’ll know. The two lead-artists I’m working with on these two projects (explained below) are people I’ve met whilst working in the above listed jobs, and the honest answer is, I initially took the projects because I like the people. 


I am looking for someone to work with me towards 2 live productions in September 2021, one of them is a 1-week run and the other a 1-nighter, both have confirmed slots in two different London fringe venues, dates throughout September 2021, amongst other general support to me, as a growing independent producer. The vast majority of funding for both projects have been secured, hence both are professional projects with cast and creative teams being paid at reasonable rates for London Fringe. I don’t currently foresee any overlap with my other roles with organisations listed above, but both are incredibly supportive, so there is scope for the Assistant Producer role to expand into collaborating with those organisations if interested. 


I’m looking for a creative collaborator, someone who is interested in coming on this journey with me, mistakes will be made, not everything will go smoothly, and that's totally fine! I will work with the individual to design this to be a mutually beneficial working relationship. As you may have gathered from the above, I produce these artists/projects around other commitments, and hence I am making an assumption that the similar arrangements will probably apply to you, so happy to work together to find a flexible approach. 


You don’t have to have done this before, but ideally you’d be interested in learning/growing as a theatre producer. I have no preference on your taste/interest/the type of work you’re interested in (because I can’t even describe mine, (yet!)), but I’m keen to see a desire to empower artists with the means to achieve their vision, because that’s also something I believe in. 


I am not a self-producing artist and I currently only produce other people’s work. Also to be really clear, this is an opportunity to assist me as an independent producer, rather than assist on producing a specific project. I am mindful that I am only one person with limited resources, and I wanted to offer the best experience I could within my reach, so I think it would be most beneficial if you’re thinking along the same lines as me, and interested in developing a wide portfolio as a producer working on multiple contracts/jobs at the same time. 


The Nuts and Bolts: 


Role Responsibilities


  • Administrative, logistical and practical support to help the Producer in shaping and delivering a number of Summer/Autumn 2021 live performance ambitions and plans in London and beyond, which does involve working around uncertainty and adapting to changing circumstances

  • Drafting correspondence, emails, reporting with the Producer and work together to maintain relationships with a number of project stakeholders and/or funders.  

  • Drafting marketing copy for various platforms and audience

  • Delivering on any project marketing activity on social media and various other platforms 

  • Support the Producer in managing the project’s budget and reconciliation 

  • Maintain organised records on data, notes and all other documentation for all work undertaken

  • General admin; such as setting up meetings on zoom; note-taking during meetings and circulating

  • Keeping track of the Producer (and other team members’) on-going to do list and calendar

  • Keep track of feedback and any other evaluation material from all aspects of all projects and the Producer’s work

  • Any other tasks reasonably requested. 


You should be/have: 

  • Some administrative and project delivery experience (not necessarily in the arts) 

  • Good communciator; with the ability to be diplomatic and tenacious  

  • High Attention to detail 

  • Calm and innovative with problem-solving 

How to apply?

Send over your CV and a short paragraph outlining 3 things you want to get out of from this experience to with the subject heading "Assistant Producer". The deadline is 5pm Friday 7 May. Please also fill out an equal opportunities monitoring form here. All information will be kept separate from your application and will be used for for monitoring/evaluation purposes only. 

The selection process

I've been on the other side of the equation, applying for things many many many times, and as you probably have guessed, have received many rejections. For this role, my number one priority is finding someone where I know, within the parameters of my skills and experience, I could help them get what they want out/develop out of the process and make a difference to your producing journey, hence the question above in the application process.   


I would prefer if the individual is London-based as that's where my work, working relationships around the projects and I am personally based, you can work remotely or I do have office space that you can come and co-work with me. 


I will be having conversations with suitable individuals w/c 10 May 2021 and very much hope the person will have capacity to start work w/c 17 May 2021. 


I will get back to everyone one way or another, and of course, very happy to provide feedback where asked.